when you hear someone with and you check but theres no one there
i heard a yokai in the stall but it was empty

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  • turquish pie

    when you sh-t on your partner’s -n-s, and whip cream all over it then eat it off. mom: are you hungry? me: no, i’ve finished eating with my friend’s turquish pie mom: you still have some of that pie? me: nah

  • The turtles breath

    the fart that precedes the sudden urge to sh-t, as the head of the sh-t momentarily emerges, before being drawn back into the -n-s. much like when a turtle pokes its head above the water to breathe ‘did you just fart stui?’ that wasn’t a fart mate, that was the turtles breath…. gotta go!’

  • GiaQuestani

    world’s most beautiful being. wifey material at its best. kisses that melt your heart. eyes that caress your soul. sweet soft voice that sounds like music to the ears. manly man takes your heart and won’t give it back because its in good hands. giaquestani the one and only.

  • Murden

    a group of people who can work really good together but cant stand being in the presence of each other for more than a minute. they work like murdens

  • I Doried

    i doried , meaning i forgot. just like dory from the movie finding nemo . because dory tends to forget things and has short term memory. ex 1 girl: did you at least put the condom on ?! boy: sh-t i totally doried ex 2 wife: bob ! did you pay for the water bill […]

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