yung child support

an alias created by the youtuber “bownsir” for fellow youtuber blastphamoushd. bownsir takes clips from different videos by blastphamoushd, re-arranges the clips, and plays the clips to a rap track that he creates in order to make it look like “yung child support” is rapping about how his life experiences and things he loves to do. “yung child support” is still releasing the singles for his debut alb-m “struggle bars”. the songs on this alb-m include:
1. suck my -ss (a song about eating -ss)
2. hairless inspiration (skit) (a song about yung child support’s desire to have a full head of hair again)
3. trying times (a song about prison rape)
4. tuna sub (a song about how yung child support loves pedophilia)
5. pill cosby (a song about yung child support’s love of drugging hot young girl’s drinks and then raping them)
6. struggle cypher ft. dr. j and the women & chavezz slovakia (a song where yung child support makes fun of himself and has dr. j and the women and chavezz slovakia throw pee on him)
7. spread it (a song about what girls can do if they have no money, if they are single, or if they don’t want to be alone for the night)

bownsir is still the “producer” for “yung child support” as he continues to release sings for his debut alb-m struggle bars. at the moment, “yung child support doesn’t seem to be stopping releasing songs for his debut alb-m and move onto a second alb-m with his “producer”, bownsir.
samples from lyrics of yung child support’s songs, lyrics are listed in order to match the listing of his songs:

i’ll eat your -ss, it’s not even gay.
i wish i had a full head of hair.
i was b-tt raped! i was prison raped! someone in jail ate me -ss! (it’s just a prank!)
yeah children b-tches! get low!

i’m stalking quietly walking up on you walk! alright? in plain sight….of you! and you just gonna stand there n-gg-?

throw some pea on this b-tch!
if you ain’t got no money….spread it!

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