adj: the act of talking your way into and then out of virtually any situation.
i don’t know how, but we totally just zaided our way into that room party.
used like the word “sp-nk” or “moxy”, the noun zaid is used to describe an ingenius person
that kid has zaid. i like him.
an awesome guy who is smart
zaid is excellent.
beast mode
zaid, engage.
a s-xy guy who goes to cca with a huge d-ck. he will break your sh-t.
hot chick: whos that hawt guy?

other hot chick: thats zaid i want his c-ck oh my jesus.
a dude that is full of hilarity, with gigantic appeal to girls and boys. the master of ultimate. the opposite of donald.
dude, don’t mess with him, that guys a zaid he will break your skull

mate, that guys a zaid, your girls got her eye on him

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