when someone taps you on one shoulder and goes on the other side of you
ethan zuked me yesterday.
when a thread on a message board get pulled off track by a jack-ss for his own pleasure. usually the process begins when someone on a board asks a simple question only to have the zuks tell a story about how he did this or that (mostly bullsh-t that has nothing to do with the original post). everyone piles on the zuker and he plays victim.
the original post never gets answered and nothing is accomplished.
original post: how much do brakes cost to have done at the dealership?

zuker: be careful, one time i marked my oil filter and after asking for an oil change at the dealer my filter was still on my car.

op: thanks jack-ss you zuked my thread, anyone else know how much brakes cost to replace on a jetta at the dealer?
act of which a person leaves a hickey on another persons neck
sam zuked mike.
mike ws zuked by sam.
that girl zuked him.

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