female name.

variant of ‘selena’.

meaning: “fair as the moon”

origins: greek

since you are your name, the person who bears this t-tle ‘reflects’, given its meaning, a harnessed, toned light of beauty which shines in the night . they are strong, courageous, intelligent, admired, independent, and industrious. they are also, however, hard-headed and even brutal at times, though they have a soft-spot as well. because of their rugged and yet captivating beauty, they are able to persuade others, sometimes with little effort. this name also gives undying kinetic energy, and so the bearer of it is always in motion, seeking the next adventure. although this individual can be hard to get close to, they are more loyal than anyone when they make true friends, and that makes them a worthy companion.
i was thinking of naming my child zaleena.

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