to p-ss out from drug intake like kush
smoking kush till we zaust

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  • lit hit

    the hit that gets you lit lia was lit hit after ripping a fat bong

  • sconeing

    sconeing is having s-x with someone on their period. the blood being the jam, and the p-ssy juice or j-zz being the cream. guy 1: so jeana is on her period. guy 2: unlucky, no s-x for you. gu1: nah dw, just got done sconeing her

  • scrooge mumble

    (noun) an indistinct utterance used in public places to repel people asking for money. delivered in a polite and apologetic tone, but without eye contact or any intelligible words that could be used as the basis for a conversation. a homeless guy hit me up just as i got to the front door of the […]

  • fweb

    friends with emotional benefits. kinda like friends with benefits, but with a lot less s-x and a lot more silly kinda-romantic talking. stephen: yo, are they dating? patti: not yet, they’re just fwebs. stephen: gotcha. that word sounds funny. patti: true lol. friends with emotional benefits or fweb (pr-nouned “feb”) is a relationship between two […]

  • oatmeal on a wall

    lumpy, saggy br–sts, having the appearance of oozing down her chest like oatmeal sliding down a wall. q: how was your date last night? a: dude, her b–bs were like oatmeal on a wall.

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