1.) a man who is phallicly inclined.
2.) man who has ability to do amazing things. same meaning as prodigy/paradigm
1.) man, he is like a horse. no, he is hung like zayd.
2.) man, that guy is like a prodigy of the caliber of mozart or einstein. i disagree he is even more amazing. he is a zayd.
a person that is kind, strong, funny;

looks for ways to help others
i love zayd! ;d

his personality shows me that he is definitely zayd
a s-x god, so f-cking cute with a perfect body, and big muscles, a little vain but if i had gawjuss hair like his i wouldn’t blame him, he likes to keep to himself but when he wants to he can be loud and outgoing. i love him so much his dark skin brown eyes and his hair he is so cute
hey do you know zayd, the cute one
a little gay guy, a b-tch, a wigger, a p-ssy
zayd is a such a p-ssy b-tch and loves the c-ck.

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