zoom zoom zoom

meaning the same thing as burn but makes the person saying it sound like there r-t-rded.
really made popular by the show scrubs, taken from the mazda car commercials.
guy 1: i got a tattoo on my nuts!
guy 2: that must be a small tattoo, zoom zoom zoom!!
taken from a capoeira song for use in a mazda commercial.
zoom zoom zoom (aka zum, zum, zum) song lyrics are as follows
zum, zum, zum,
capoeira mata um!
zum, zum, zum,
capoeira mata um!
onde tem marimbondo
tem zum, zum, zum
onde tem marimbondo
tem zum, zum, zum
zoom zoom zoom is something you say when you’ve shut somebody down. firstly used on the mazda car comercial and seen on the tv show scrubs
jd: wanna go out with the hottest man in the hospital tonight?
kim: i would rather just go out with you, zoom zoom zoom!
in conversation it is an expression which follows a particularly good but lighthearted insult in order to emphasize the caliber of the remark. it is similar to the way that a person would use the word burn. though the phrase itself was first made popular by the mazda auto commercials, this particular usage was popularized in the popular television show “scrubs”, where it is often accompanied by a short “zoom, zoom, zoom” dance.
guy 1:dude, you’re pathetic because you’ve never really satisfied a woman!
guy 2: oh really? well, you might want to check that with your mom! ohhhh! zoom zoom zoom !
annoying phrase used in mazda auto commericals. often accompanied by a cr-ppy mazda swooping by.
r-t-rd: zoom zoom zoom!!! hahahaha….this is better than wathing that old peoples show called the price is right.

me: get a life.
using the word zoom 3 times consecutively was first popularized by a hip hop group wreckx-n-effect circa 1993. this particular usage was a euphemism for s-xual intercourse. used in context, the song lyrics suggested that zoom zoom zoom or s-x was the singers primary and only objective.
“all i wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom and a boom-boom”
the catchy-est part of a prota zoa song, you know the guy from the movie zenon girl of the 21st century…it’s a disney channel original.
zoom zoom zoom
you make my heart go boom boom
my supernova girl

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