a joint, or spliff.
dude 1: man i’m on cloud 9 right now

dude 2: well, if you want to tute the tute, you gotta zute the zute
1) another name for a marijuana joint. when its conntents are purely cannabis (without any tobacco to pad it out)
do ya want a zute?

other variations exist with a higher proportion of slang used. often the offer of, or attempted procurement of a ‘zute’ will be reduced to just “zute?” between friends
another slang word for a joint/spliff containing marijuana
“wanna go smoke a zute?”
zute. marijuana which it grinded so it is thinner so it is easier to smoke.
orr half or that zute mate!
attractive , pleasing in any way or very clear
a zute boy
means a spliff or joint but can be used when something good happens or sh-t goes to plan
1st man: sick party next week fam
2nd man : zutes!!!
to be beyond r-t-rded while intoxicated or high,
pete: mannnn last night we were soooo zuted,we were flying!

john: i know, i couldn’t feel my feet!

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