to get to a degree of intoxication that blacking out and absolute ridiculousness are inevitable. basically, taking a large amount of hard liquor straight to the face.
man #1: yo you remember calling that girl a d-ck taking c-m dumpster?

man #2: hah, nah man i was zwacked outta my mind.
an alcoholic drink similar to a screwdriver, which is traditionally vodka and orange juice. to make zwack, you soak marijuana sticks and stems in the vodka for several days, until the vodka is green. filter stems out of the vodka then mix with the orange juice and enjoy
the screwdrivers were good, but the zwack got me crunk!
its verb subst-tute-able for any word
yo son my zwack is off the chai (zwack is the subst-tute for swag)

yo kid i was zwackin her so hard (zwack is the sub for f-cking)

bro i have no idea what happened last night that was so zwack zwack is the sub for awesome)

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