a person of no good use and not well liked
he is a badgerfish.

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  • womancheese

    when a girl hasn’t taken a shower in w week and somebody eats their *ss hector ate jades *ss up and then he had womancheese stuck in his teeth and nose he then asked if jade had floss and if his teeth were clean.

  • caribbean f*ckboy

    any guy from the caribbean(jamaica, haiti, guyana, trinidad, etc.)who be like bay mi love yuh and mi nah leave yuh but gwan an f*ck out the whole city michael is caribbean f*ckboy .him gyal deh home while him a f*ck out lisa and anne

  • baritone's disease

    a mental illness causing all baritone players to constantly act stupid and make corny puns. while lauren only has a mild case, david clearly has serious baritone’s disease.

  • snuffy bag

    noun; the large pocket of adipose tissue between the navel and perineum of some, but not all, obese individuals. also known as a fupa, gunt or front b*tt. d*mn, did you see the size of her snuffy bag!? it looked like she was smuggling a sack of potatoes!

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