sexist jokes

s-xist is when one gender makes fun of or insults the a member of the opposite gender in either a hurtful or unhurt full way.
s-xist jokes or joke: a young couple are making a p-ssword for their new family email account on there computer when the husband types in myp-n-s then on the computer it comes up not long enough, the with then starts laughing and says it’s true

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  • sp*ceb**bs

    contrary to popular belief, these are not br–sts that are ‘out of this world’, rather they are br–sts with a giant f-cking sp-ce between them. see: jessica “d-mn son, why’d you get banned?” “cuz i said i was 16, f-cking sp-ceb–bs.”

  • sadoems

    terrifyingly depressing poem’s you write while listening to sam smith on spotify “sorry i can’t go to school. i have to write some sadoems. i am working on one called loss.”

  • peach b*tched

    when you purchase peach rings at a local gas station and come to find out that there is actually no peach flavoring in any of the ingredients. haley: -checks peach ring ingredients “what the h-ll, there’s not even peach flavoring anywhere in these!” hannah: “daaaamn you’ve been peach b-tched!”

  • hit the silks

    used by the u.s. air force. it means to bail out of a plane and use the parachute. you have a hole in your left wing! hit the silks!

  • sue of side

    this is worse than suicide. it’s like a feeling you can never get out because there is that one side of u where u just want to kill urself but then u will be put on trial bc the other side of you will sue u for trying to commit such powerful act as sue […]

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