Shag Mark

bruises and any other injuries given with consent during s*x
“john gave me a m*ssive sh*g mark yesterday, still stings.”

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  • sh*t on my helmet

    when a man is performing *n*l s*x and upon pulling out discovers there is sh*t caked under/around his p*n*s head. you need to flush out better next time… i’ve got sh*t on my helmet!

  • shoot the club up

    (n) when a man *j*c*l*t*s into a woman’s v*g*n*. b. (v) discharging a firearm in a club where people are usually dancing. my ex got pregnant, can you believe she let the new dude shoot the club up after a month. *j*c*l*t*ng inside a females v*g*n* during s*x “so how long were you with chris?” […]

  • skullf*ck wizard 9000

    evil wizard. created by hal 9000 to be his s*x slave and chess companion. m*st*rb*t* daily to avoid encountering. recently made america’s most wanted list and became a finalist on america’s next top model (of f*ck wizards). skullf*ck wizard 9000 is a particularly evil model of the 9000 series of f*ck wizards. me: i love […]

  • slappy toppy

    giving someone oral s*x. kylie left the party drunk last night and gave thuro slappy toppy.

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