11 year old

people older than 10, but younger than 12. typically, they own webhosting companies.
11 year old: omg onemegabite hosting for $550590 a month!!!!
a person filled with immature childish-ness. in rare cases however, they can be more mature than your average teenager. however, that maturity may wear off and theyll end up as mature as average teenagers. often spend alot of their time on flipnote hatena creating either total cr-p or masterpieces, facebook, trying to keep their parents from reading the section of help that says anyone under 13 cant have an account, and youtube, watching videos of gameboys exploding. often their musical tastes can be from the usual teen music tastes, to listening to only one song: harder better faster stronger really, if you think all 11 year olds are giant bags of immaturity, you’re horribly mistaken. and you’re horribly mistaken about teens too. they can be mature too.
john: wanna hang out with that 11 year old over there?
david: no, dumb-ss, his stupid and immaturity might poison us.
john: hey, -sshole, you were 11 once. this kid might be one of those more-mature-than-us 11 year olds.
david: ugh, i just cringe at the thought!

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