5th viscount william howe

[hou] /haʊ/
e(dgar) w(atson) 1853–1937, u.s. novelist and editor.
elias, 1819–67, u.s. inventor of the sewing machine.
gordon (gordie) born 1928, canadian ice-hockey player.
irving, 1920–93, u.s. social historian and literary critic.
julia ward, 1819–1910, u.s. writer and reformer: author of the battle hymn of the republic (wife of samuel gridley howe).
richard (earl howe”black d-ck”) 1726–99, british admiral (brother of william howe).
samuel gridley
[grid-lee] /ˈgrɪd li/ (show ipa), 1801–76, u.s. surgeon and humanitarian.
william, 5th viscount, 1729–1814, british general in the american revolutionary war.
(scot & northern english, dialect) a depression in the earth’s surface, such as a basin or valley
word origin
c16: from hole
elias. 1819–67, us inventor of the sewing machine (1846)
gordon, known as gordie. born 1928, us ice-hockey player, who scored1071 goals in a professional career lasting 32 years.
howe of aberavon, baron, t-tle of (richard edward) geoffrey howe. born 1926, british conservative politician; chancellor of the exchequer (1979–83); foreign secretary (1983–89); deputy prime minister (1989–90)
richard, 4th viscount howe. 1726–99, british admiral: served (1776–78) in the war of american independence and commanded the channel fleet against france, winning the battle of the glorious first of june (1794)
his brother, william, 5th viscount howe. 1729–1814, british general; commander in chief (1776–78) of british forces in the war of american independence

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