average p-n-s length by end of high school
size matters:7.5 inches long, 5.5 inch girth, and as hard as possible. a long thick d-ck is no good if it’s bendy
an interstate going from miami north to michigan and the canadian border.
75 is the worst road in america except with a few small mountains in georgia, tennessee and kentucky.
where a man lays on the edge of a bed with his legs relaxed over the edge; with an erect p-n-s he makes love in between the knees of his partner who is lying on their back with their legs straight up in the air and have their knees bent. after the s-xual climax is reached the male partner on the edge of the bed “shoots his load past the knees down into the “floor partners bunghole.
strapping young lad: well my dearist how would you like to “75” tonight?

“h-rny” young woman: oh yes baby i would oove to share a rousing “75” with you.

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