the area code of the high desert. a suburb or san barnardino.
cities of the high desert part of 760 include; victorville, apple valley, hesperia, adelanto, phelan, oak hills, silver lakes and helendale.
lets take our bikes and make a pit stop in the 760.
all you need is dirt bikes, a lifted truck and a ho… in the 7-6-0
also area code of valley center. a little town in outer san diego county, that is run by mormons and is getting over run by illegals aliens and common stoners. there are 2 gas stations and 10 stop lights, also 3 casinos. it is gaurded by chps and sheriffs.
dude 1: i got jumpped by an illegal, and a mormon jumped in and used the power of jesuse christ to convince the illegal to come to church.. then i went with some stoner budies and blazed in the orange groove. then we went to the casino, and munched out.

dude 2: i got to go to the 760.
is then encinitas (san diego city) area code. encinitas is filled with pot-smoking surf b-ms. so “760” is used to mean a place to smoke ‘n surf.
i’m not busy later today, lets h-t 760 and get high on the waves.

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