agreeing; conforming; harmonious.
historical examples

or if no controversy, then it is but one accordant pange lingua of complaint against the powers that be.
the french revolution thomas carlyle

it has been accordant with transitory semblance; discordant with eternal fact.
past and present thomas carlyle

come, let us seek him, and fan the flame of liberty in his breast by our accordant spirit.
fiesco or, the genoese conspiracy friedrich schiller

but this would appear to be too abstract, and not so accordant with ordinary concepts.
kant’s critique of judgement immanuel kant

how much more tolerable and accordant with human feeling is the error of your platonist co-sectary apuleius!
the city of g-d, volume i aurelius augustine

if you visit them you will see everything is accordant with the great shrine you have left.
life and work in benares and k-maon, 1839-1877 james kennedy

great credit is given to the accordant testimony of witnesses who have come together from distant parts of the world.
the philosophy of natural theology william jackson

if we can, then blot out that expression so accordant with common sentiment, “g-d made the country, and man the town.”
the swamp doctor’s adventures in the south-west john robb

drake’s plan appears to have been most judicious: it was at least accordant with his character, downright and daring.
great men and famous women. vol. 1 of 8 various

his was evidently a soul attuned to harmonies, quick to discern any accordant or discordant strains.
expositor’s bible: the gospel of st luke henry burton

(usually postpositive) and foll by with. in conformity or harmony

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