acid diarrhea

a form of diarrhea that burns like fire, often due to excessive wiping necessitated by frequent gastrointestinal distress, spicy foods which leave behind residue on the sensitive tissue of the -n-s, or food processing too quickly through the digestive system and thus the stomach acid not being neutralized like it normally would and acid being present on the -n-s (with a severe burning sensation similar to acid reflex disease, or heartburn). often times a combination of factors and the fact that excess human excrement and excess acid from the stomach normally found in diarrhea burn the -n-s area, and makes it feel as if it’s being eaten away and disintegrated by acid. also accompanied by “sharts”, especially minor one’s that only leak out a small amount but create the similar burning sensation.

whatever the case, it burns like f-cking h-ll.
i just had a really severe case of acid diarrhea… shouldn’t eaten that fourth burrito…

oh god dave, my colon and -n-s are burning like fire! i think i ‘ve got a severe case of acid diarrhea

oh god, it feels like my colon is being disintegrated and eaten away by acid… oh god, it really is! too much stomach acid! agghhhh!

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