acoustic monkey

a f-cking moron
wait you acoustic monkey!

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  • emo mermaid

    a term for when an emo gets stuck with their skinny jeans around their ankles and can’t walk. man i was such an emo mermaid last night. i was sitting on the floor for six minutes trying to get my red skinny jeans over my feet.

  • callirootas

    the act of performing s-xual intercourse while attempting calisthenics exercises. callirootas is a heavily featured position in the movie 50 shades of savage.

  • weathergl*ss

    a gl-ss where through you can see the current weather, often referred to as “window”. the forecast is not very broad. my weather app is broken, do i need an umbrella? just check out the weathergl-ss.

  • half a man

    after a man has had a vasectomy done or when his wife controls his wallet. no point in trying, he’s half a man now that he got a vasectomy. half of a 100$ bill brother: sister said she need some money father: how much does she need? brother:half a man (half of a 100$)

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    the cl-ssic parental situation that arises with 2 or more children, especially with a newborn and another child under 2, where you are completely immersed in day to day activities 24/7, involving non stop parental duties, leaving you feeling in a trance like state at the bottom of a whirlpool looking up! “how was your […]

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