action man hand

there aren’t any definitions for action man hand yet.

can you define it?

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  • kus omak

    directly translates to “your mother v-g-n-.” however, if you had to compare it to an english phrase it’s almost like a big ‘f-ck you’ however it’s intensity relies on the person you are saying it to. if you’re saying it to your friend for example it would be perfectly okay and he/she should not get […]

  • public facial

    where a female can be seen in public proudly displaying man juice all over her face. c-m walk cashier: you know you look like you have baby gravy dripping off your chin ma’am? this is a reputable store and public facials are not allowed. zara: but brad always gives me a friday facial – it’s […]

  • bromigos night

    past 9 pm, in the bas-m-nt, playing video games, the three bromigos talk cr-p and exchange stories. trevor: we out it the mall today for bromigos night? ace: nah, has to be in your bas-m-nt. kamil: yeah true.

  • saturday night wrist

    when you’re so wasted/tired that you fall asleep sitting up with your head in your hand, and wake up hours later with a wrist ache that won’t seem to go away. “dude, i had such bad sat-rday night wrist, that i couldn’t even jerk it today.”

  • sriracha fries

    fries that come with sriracha sauce bacon crumble, liquid cheese, and grated cheese. kid: “hey akila, did you try wendy’s sriracha fries? they’re so spicy and delicious! kid 2:”awesome, let’s buy some now!”

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