a kid with no friends and plays with fidget spinners all day
your such an admond

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  • critical ops

    a skill based fps game created by critical force, it has 2 modes. defuse and deathmatch. “skill based” yeahright. a lot of hackers play this game somerandomnoob: hey lets play critical ops somerandompro: fk you imma play csgo

  • speed shipping

    when someone is thriving too hard, making an average of one new facebook friend every 1.5 minutes. friend(ship) + (speed) dating = speed-shipping. could also be used in reference to new followers on instagram/twitter. friendship speed dating that’s like one new friend every 1.5 minutes! i’m so popular! that’s called speed-shipping!

  • feria

    money, mostly used by latinos a fair ey homie you got any feria? i gotta get some buds… let’s go to the feria. money $$$, puerto rican (boriqua) the daddy yankee concert is gonna be expensive, so i’ve been saving all my feria. awesome festivals that take place in andalusia at the south of spain […]

  • sidewalk bread

    bread that is still eaten after it has fallien on the sidewalk because it cost so much after being purchased at a chicago eatery. i really love that chicago sidewalk bread !!

  • afterasm

    still shaking after the -rg-sm! i gave her an afterasm last night!

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