advocating for a point of view by demonizing, dehumanizing or “otherizing” those of an opposing view, rather than trying to win them over. also, violence in the name of a desire for peace. also, name-calling while advocating a point of view. also, putting words in someone’s mouth by paraphrasing in an inflammatory way.
“far too many protesters have been advohating tonight, setting stores on fire and starting fights.”

advohating against advohaters:

“there go those blood-thirsty ‘pro-lifers ‘ again, advohating against planned parenthood. do they want women dying in back alleys again?”

or –

“there go those blood-thirsty ‘pro-choicers’ again, advohating against the rights of the unborn children. how much baby-killing is enough?”

or –

you believe in food stamps? so, your basically saying i should have to pay all the bills for lazy people.

or –

you don’t believe in food stamps? so you’re basically saying, the world would be better off if we let poor people die?

or –

you voted for x?? that must mean you believe in/don’t care about y. that makes you sc-m.

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