to relax and p-ss the time by perusing stories written by n-bel laureate s. y. agnon
at the end of a hard day, some people are given to scrollaxing, while others choose agnolaxing.
we’re going to go out for an lkah evening of coffee, kiwis, and agnolaxing.

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  • azulx

    another word for skid, also refereed to “skidmark”. kronix : you’re such an azulx, do you even know c++ or do you have to be spoonfed by me? azulx (skid) : yes, spoonfeed me then i will betray you then act like i’m not a skid.

  • jing chun

    an autistic kid eeeew a jing chun!

  • section vision

    noun, relating to waiting/waitressing the state of only looking at your -ssigned section, ignoring all other patrons. the complete unawareness of anyone in a restaurant except those whom you’re serving. friend: hey! we’ve been at that table over there forever. me: sorry homie! i have section vision. i didn’t even know you were there!

  • hallmark bitch

    someone that talks about their feelings at the wrong time. house arrest: i feel like you don’t care for me when you don’t cook meth… toothless wonder: shut up, ya hallmark b-tch! we’re fighting!

  • eli dream

    a wet dream that occurs every night after before first date. oooh, you had an eli dream!

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