Air Out

to get rid of someone; dumping your girl/boyfriend.
i aired out my gurl cuz she wouldnt put out.
to bust a cap or send bullets throught a house or car’s windows, thus clearing all humans out of the sp-ce
“tony had to air out bob’s house last night because bob f-cked his girl”.
to go for a walk
– let’s air out a lil’ bit
– yep, we need some fresh air ennyway.
the act of releasing the smell of marijuana from a certain area. commonly done with a car, room, or any other area where you don’t want it to smell.
– “dude we better air out before i go home or i’m going to smell like dank.”

-“put your window down so we can air out before your mom takes the car.”

-“if you don’t air out dude, the cops are going to smell the weed.”
when after a long day you lay down and if your a girl you whip out your b–bs and just let them out or if your a guy just whip out your d-ck ands let it “air out”
“dude it was a long day afterwords i just had to go home and air out

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