a mayor having judicial powers.
historical examples

with due consideration for thy rank, alcade, thou shalt ornament a topping branch of your own beech tree.
the fortunes of hector o’halloran, and his man mark antony o’toole w. h. maxwell

the alcade and postmaster were false to their country, and in the pay of the invaders.
the fortunes of hector o’halloran, and his man mark antony o’toole w. h. maxwell

his magisterial brow, for he was alcade as well as schoolmaster, relaxed into a civil smile.
the mirror of literature, amus-m-nt, and instruction various

as soon as a traveller enters the village, the alcade and the rejidores make their appearance, and demand his p-ssport.
travels in peru, on the coast, in the sierra, across the cordilleras and the andes, into the primeval forests j. j. von tschudi

the alcade’s cane is at times stronger than the soldier’s sword, and to break it you require a stronger cane, that is all.
the queen of the savannah gustave aimard

on the first night performance of “the alcade,” she played in a curtain-raiser, “bertram.”
repertory of the comedie humaine, complete, a — z anatole cerfberr and jules franois christophe

(in spain and spanish america) the mayor or chief magistrate in a town

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