all good

everything is sanguine. generally a re-ssurance, rather than an independant statement.
lady-friend: my god! we’ll all be killed!
guy: chill baby, it’s all good.
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means: 1. its allright, don’t worry.
2. everything will be fine. jus’ chill!
1. “want a beer dude?
“nah…i’m all good.”
2. “waaah waaah i dropped my ice-cream.”
“its all good man, we can jus’ buy yo a new one, chill!”
to answer someone’s question as to say your all right
person 1 “hey mate i ate your lunch.
person 2 “all good brah it was sh-t anyway.
a word to describe when things are fine also the surname of t3h secks-e cerb
dont worry, its allgood baby
ironic comment; a fundamental term in jailspeak, meaning ‘it’s not good at all and probably won’t get any better; i’m f-cked.’
‘i can’t make bail, i’m stuck with a public defender and i think my wife’s f-cking my cousin, but hey, it’s all good.’
a word used by those of an immature disposition to attempt to cheer people up when infact all there doing is winding them up.
cerb: i know a song that’ll get on your nerves……
felteh: stfu cerb
cerb: its allgood!!!
– felteh removes cerbs head using a small nose hair trimmer and proceeds to weld it to the end of a toothpick –
excessively mellow. a trite cliche.
don’t worry that you clueless and penniless, it’s all good mon. either you should worry less or i should smoke less bud.

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