having long or narrow, oval-shaped eyes.
historical examples

a few squares of straw matting make a bath-house, and a big stone jar is the tub of comfort for the almond-eyed campaigner.
the north pacific willis boyd allen

there were seven in the party, including a heathen from the flowery kingdom, almond-eyed—ah yang.
fishing with the fly charles f. orvis and others

already we have nearly a hundred thousand of these almond-eyed strangers on the pacific coast, and the number swells monthly.
across america james f. rusling

then, without warning, an almond-eyed, pigtailed head appeared on the stairs and looked upwards.
a bid for fortune guy boothby

this energetic wooer, lemon-faced and almond-eyed, imparts to the music a spicy flavor, grotesque and j-panese.
stars of the opera mabel wagnalls

that almond-eyed soldier swept like a grain of chaff before the winnowing-fan of war?
sylvia & michael compton mackenzie

down there, where daylight never came, a group of yellow, almond-eyed men were bending over a table playing fan-tan.
children of the tenements jacob a. riis

bare-legged, almond-eyed fishermen sat before them, mending their nets.
walking shadows alfred noyes

having narrow oval eyes

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