handsome guy , funny , somewhat athletic with a great sense of humor and personality. kinda tall with a tan or light skinned.

is fun to hang around with and is a hardworking person
hey alonso is cute huh brittany.
a peruvian bolegged trick
omg, did u see that female that just walked by she walked just like an alonso!
a north american, usually mexican, video game obsessed child. also is a naive child who doesn’t know what a hard drive is. also known to love sony own 3 playstation 3s and 4 psps.
dude: i need a ps3
dudette: there must be an alonso on our street that we can steal one from
a computer genius that often is used as tech support. he also comonly knows tons about nintendo and detests sony. he’s commonly from south america.
phil: g-dd-mn it i can’t (do something with my computer or somthing to do with nintendo)

chuck: call alonso, dude
usually a ugly beast.
he normally is very tall, has a big head, and looks similar to george lopez except 100xs uglier and he tries to be funny but he really isn’t.
he works for taco bell and the gardening service.
he grows his hayur oh so very long and it’s curly and ugly.
he will eventually cut it which makes his head really weird looking and will make the back of it flat. like whoosh.
he hits p-b-rty extremly fast and by the 7th grade you can already see his ugly moostash and beard with his unibrow.
girl 1: hey look its alonso!
girl 2:eewwweee
fernando alonso is a spanish formula 1 driver and is a complete pr-ck he only does well with a good team behind him, also he is a cheat and only thinks of himself which is good in a way but not when you work in a team
i am watching the grand prix this weekend i hope alonso crashes and loses badley

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