i want to throw this android phone against the wall. it will hit the wall faster than it will tell me “hey you got a phone call”
the famous google made operating system for mobile phones. first debuted on the t-mobile g1, android is used on many different phones. much can be done to the linux-based mobile operating system.
guy – “dude! that guys phone looks cool!”
nerdy guy- “that phone runs android!”

nerd1- “i got root on my nexus, which is running android eclair! now to overclock!”

nerd2- “freakin awesome!!!”
google operating software for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. biggest rival of apple’s iphone and windows mobile, although windows mobile is actually too tiny to be considered a compet-tor.

current releases:

cupcake android 1.5
donut android 1.6
eclair android 2.1
froyo android 2.2

future releases (october 2010):

gingerbread android 3.0
honeycomb android 3.5
ice cream android 4.0
a: why don’t you get yourself an iphone?

b: no way dude, android for life!
1. an automaton in the form of a human being.
2. google’s new open source operating system (os) for smart phones. currently the only phone with this os is the htc g1 provided by t-mobile.
1. that guy must be an android to do math like that!
2. i hear the g1’s android os is what’s going to make the g1 the iphone killer!
a being that resembles a human or other living being.
a robot that was designed to mimic the behavior of and/or look like a human or other living being. as seen in films
oh gosh adam, your girlfriend emily is made of metal, she must be an android
the smartphone operating system that is on the verge of crushing the iphone. to put it simply, android treats you as the admin of your phone, while the iphone os treats you as a user. while only the iphone runs on ios4, there are hundreds of android phones. android allows you to install 3rd party apps, run emulators, use webchat without wifi, etc.
dude thats a wicked fast phone, i bet it runs on android
android is a smartphone operating system developed by google using a linux kernel. the end result is a powerful smartphone that can best the iphone. it is open source, so the apps are free, and you have personal liberty to customize your phone any way you want. tech geeks are known to “root” their phone, which is a process that makes you the admin of the operating system, similar to windows’ administrator account that has been in use since xp in personal computers. the only difference is that you do not get the annoying pop up on an android phone as you do with the windows pc counterpart.

android is available on all major networks, and some people have managed to flash their cdma droids onto smaller pcs networks such as cricket and metro pcs.
android is the anti iphone. for every iphone 4 there is a htc evo, g2, galaxy s, among others. android is less show more features, unlike the iphone which many people have bought for show. android started out on t-mobile with the g1 (htc dream), then went to verizon with the motorola droid (milestone in gsm markets). sprint got into the action with an htc phone, and at&t was the last to get with android with the galaxy s. to date, at&t limits its android phones to turn sales to the iphone, and the other 3 major cell phone carriers emphasize their innovative phone features with their android devices.
google’s mobile phone and tablet operating system, a direct rival to apple’s ios. where ios is more about simplicity and flashy looks, android is about customization and control over the hardware that you bought with your hard-earned dollar. (in most cases, less of your dollars, compared to iphone/ipad)
iphone owner: man, i love this new iphone4. angry birds renders great on the new display, but i wish it was just a bit faster.

android owner: well, why don’t you compile an overclockable kernel then?

iphone owner: i google searched for one, and there ain’t any.

android owner: lol

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