that sucked, anywhozies, lets go get icecream

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  • Super Hua

    the act of being h-m-s-xual while simultaneously being hated by higher commissioned leadership. alpha flight has low morale because they are super hua.

  • emojical

    when a person, place or thing leaves you speechless to the point where an emoji is all that can be used. “mate did you see the grand canyon?” “……” “well how was it fool?” “……..” “mate?” “😢” “emojical eh…”

  • desk lint

    that weird grey stuff you got all over your hands and arms in elementary school. “i’m not sitting there, look at all that desk lint”

  • ariq

    a guy that gets all the hoes, he doesnt even try but they all keep coming his way. d-mn bro, i wish i was gettin hoes like that n-gg- ariq

  • German trumpet

    an act of involving at least two parties where the male will sh-t into the females mouth. after cradleing the t-rd in her mouth, she then forcibly projects the faecal matter back into the male’s -n-s by blowing it as hard as she can resembeling the act of playing a trumpet. five years ago, sebastians […]

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