beautiful, smart, intelligent, that’s ahot
jen, you are armazing
#beautiful smart intelligent

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  • Pecker peck

    to lightly kiss a p-n-s with the utmost of care so that he feels appreciated for the hard work he does. my boyfriend and i were getting down and dirty, after all was said and done i gave him a p-ck-r peck to say thanks. he has feelings too you know..

  • Cum-Pun

    a pun in which the word “come” is replaced with the word “c-m” (colloquial of -j-c-l-t-) in a sentence that would otherwise be innocent and/or socially acceptable. harry: “would it be immoral to have s-x with her?” jake: “i dunno, man, take it as it comes i guess… aw, shucks, could have slipped a “c-m-pun” […]

  • Blanket shark

    a blanket shark is formed when a man gets s-xually excited and produces an erect p-n-s while under blankets. i could tell he liked my new crotchless panties by the size of his enormous blanket shark. #b-n-r #woody #wood #hard on #chubby #pocket rocket

  • Bradberry

    an idiot, one who posts stupid social “experiments”. i tried to buy an iphone off of craigslist, but it turns out the buyer was a total bradberry. a word for doing something stupid or generally being mentally disabled often -ssociated with social experiments (also known as a prank) which involve fear mongering or traumatizing people […]

  • Hacking and whacking

    a way to get through life by taking on obstacles and difficulties head-on and not giving up even in the face of repeated failures. a synonym for keep grinding. life, keep grinding, grinding, determination, challenge, grit, sticktoitiveness, persevere, never give up, banging how are you doing working six days a week. man, i’m hacking and […]

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