as-xuality is, in a broad sense, a lack of s-xual attraction to either s-x. unlike abstinence, which is a choice to abstain from s-xual activity, as-xuality is a s-xual orientation. although as-xuality is a lack of s-xual attraction, it does not imply lack of a s-x drive, or libido.

as-xuals may or may not experience romantic attraction and will often identify by one of the following romantic orientations:
1. aromantic – lack of romantic attraction to either s-x
2. biromantic – romantic attraction to both s-xes
3. heteroromantic – romantic attraction to the opposite s-x
4. h-m-romantic – romantic attraction to the same s-x

as-xuals may engage in s-xual activity for one or more of the following reasons:
1. to satisfy one’s own s-x drive, or libido
2. to satisfy a non-as-xual partner’s s-xual desires
3. to satisfy intellectual curiosity

some as-xuals experience s-xual attraction to a very finite extent. gray area as-xuals will rarely experience s-xual attraction while demis-xuals will only experience s-xual attraction within a well-established relationship.

the as-xual pride flag is comprised of four horizontal bars. the colors of these bars, from top to bottom, are black, gray, white, and purple. the meanings of these colors are listed below.
black – as-xuality
gray – gray area as-xuality and demis-xuality
white – s-xuality (a nod to comrades of as-xuals who are not themselves as-xual)
purple – community
as an aromantic as-xual, the aspect of as-xuality that i consider to be most frustrating is its general low awareness.
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to not be s-xually attracted to anyone or not have interest in having s-x :not having a s-xual drive towards anyone no matter the gender
she wasnt attracted to anyone she wasnt impotent not ugly just not attracted to anyone she was of as-xuality

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