Asking Alexandria

a plague given to the world by a few british emo kids that wanted to be br00tal. six years later, their music could be used at guantanamo bay, on death row to execute prisoners or just make real metal bands angry.
slayer would eat asking alexandria for breakfast
asking alexandria are an english post hardcore band from york, north yorkshire, formed in 2008. founded when rhythm guitarist ben bruce contacted old friends after moving back from dubai, the current line-up consists of bruce, vocalist danny worsnop, lead guitarist cameron liddell, b-ss guitarist sam bettley and drummer james c-ssells.

in 2009 they released there soph-m-re alb-m stand up and scream followed be a tour with madina lake and alesana. there very good, still very unknown. my favorite song by them right now is a single moment of sincerity. within the first 15 seconds your wrapped up in the screams and the amazing lyrics. they are worth your time to listen too. the bands they best relate to are the devil wears prada and bring me the horizon for there screams/lyrics.
person 1: dude! did you get the new asking alexandria alb-m stand up and scream?

person 2: yea its so epic.

one: yea! its like bring me the horizon, the devil wears prada and enter shikari had a baby!
asking alexandria started in 08 in the uk. their first alb-m was “stand up and scream” leading off with their second one “reckless and relentless” and now in 2013 their alb-m “from death to destiny” is released and i personally think all asking alexandria songs are inspirational and everyone should check them out some time, so yea lol
me: have you heard of the new asking alexandria alb-m????

friend : no

me: go suck a d-ck xd coughjuniorcough
asking alexandria is a band that was formed in ’08 in the uk. their first alb-m “stand up and scream” is probably one of the most bad -ss alb-ms ever. they also have an ep with skidrow covers, remixes, and a preview of their newest alb-m reckless and relentless. their newest alb-m reckless and relentless sucks. they tried too hard to sound different. so just stick to the first alb-m, and maybe if they make a new alb-m (i doubt it) it will be better than reckless and relentless. oh, and don’t go see them live. they are really sh-tty live because they like to do shows drunk, and that’s lame and a waste of money.
me- “dude have you heard the new aa alb-m?”
tyler- “yeah man it sucks -ss!”
me- “yeah it does.”
tyler- “asking alexandria is getting to popular that’s what everyone wants to talk about anymore, and they aren’t that amazing.”
me- i know, but whatever man.”

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