ass plow

acutally not a s-xual term. this is like “getting screwed” in the social sense.
man, i got -ss plowed by that pop quiz today because i left my quantum physics book at home.
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a sh-t for brains idiot who has no commmon sense and a tendency toward gayness.when an -ssplow pursues a relationship with a female he beccomes a p-ssy whipped douchec-ck who has tendencies of a f-cktard. these types usually tend to keep to themselves and are very very submissive.
dude, tell your girl to blow off and quit being an -ssplow.
why are you being such an -ssplow.
look at that -ssplow doesnt he know he sucks at life.
dude that guy is an -ssplow hes staring at that six year old boy.

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