a foul aftertaste reminiscent of dirty bung-hole.
this diet pop leaves an -sstertaste in my mouth!
the sh-tty taste in your mouth after you eat out someone’s -sshole.
i got wasted last night, ate out my girlfriend’s -ss and now i have the worst -sstertaste!
portmanteau of -ss + after taste. typically used when describing a food or drink with a bad after taste.
well hopefully this beer won’t have the -sstertaste like the last one.
the taste after eating something that seems to leave an after taste that is comparable to the imagined taste of -ss.
sam: dude the new twix candy has only 130 calories!
jeff: true, b-tt they leave a terrible -sstertaste in your mouth.
the taste left in ones mouth after tossing salad.
“tossing staisy’s salad left a bad -sstertaste in my mouth.”
having the after taste of b-tt hole. usually used in the context of having recently tossed salad.

also used as n-sstertaste if the -sstertaste is particularly unpleasant.
dude 1 – man after tossing that chicks salad i had some serious n-sstertaste
dude 2 – well you cant really expect a pleasant -sstertaste….. i mean you saw her consume a whole bowl of chili with onions

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