At most

in the greatest quant-ty, amount, measure, degree, or number:
to win the most votes.
in the majority of instances:
most operations are successful.
greatest, as in size or extent:
the most talent.
the greatest quant-ty, amount, or degree; the utmost:
the most i can hope for is a p-ssing grade.
the greatest number or the majority of a cl-ss specified:
most of his writing is rubbish.
the greatest number:
the most this room will seat is 150.
the majority of persons:
to be more sensitive than most.
the most, slang. the ultimate in something:
he’s the most. that movie was the most.
in or to the greatest extent or degree (in this sense often used before adjectives and adverbs, and regularly before those of than two syllables, to form superlative phrases having the same force and effect as the superlative degree formed by the termination -est):
most rapid; most wisely.
a most puzzling case.
informal. almost or nearly.
at the most, at the maximum.
also, at most.
for the most part. (def 34).
make the most of, to use to greatest advantage; utilize fully:
to make the most of an opportunity.

a great majority of; nearly all: most people like eggs
(as pr-noun; functioning as sing or plural): most of them don’t know, most of it is finished

the most

the superlative of many, much you have the most money, the most apples
(as pr-noun): the most he can afford is two pounds

at most, at the most, at the maximum: that girl is four at the most
for the most part, generally
make the most of, to use to the best advantage: she makes the most of her accent
than most, than most others: the leaves are greener than most
(slang, mainly us) the most, wonderful: that chick’s the most
the most, used to form the superlative of some adjectives and adverbs: the most beautiful daughter of all
the superlative of much people welcome a drink most after work
(intensifier): a most absurd story
(us & canadian, informal or dialect) almost: most every town in this state, john is the more intelligent of the two, he is the most intelligent of the students

old english mast “greatest number, amount, extent,” earlier mæst, from proto-germanic -maistaz (cf. old saxon mest, old frisian mast, old norse mestr, dutch meest, german meist, gothic maists “most”), superlative form of proto-germanic -maiz, root of old english ma, mara (see more). used in old english as superlative of micel “great, large” (see mickle). vowel influenced by more. original sense of “greatest” survives in phrase for the most part (c.1400). slang meaning “the best, extremely good” is attested from 1953. also used as an adverb in old english. phrase make the most of (something) is by 1520s. related: mostly. double superlative mostest is 1885, from u.s. southern and black english.
magneto-optical storage technology
also, at the most or at the outside . at the largest amount, the furthest limit; also, in the most extreme case. for example, she’ll be finished in two weeks at the most , or it’ll take two weeks at the outside , or at most the chef uses a tiny bit of pepper . the terms with most date from the 1300s; at the outside from the mid-1800s. also see at best

at most
for the most part
make the most of

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