Athanasian creed

a creed or formulary of christian faith, of unknown authorship, formerly ascribed to athanasius.
historical examples

and it was for this very purpose of answering difficulties, not making them, that the athanasian creed was composed.
the truth of christianity william harry turton

the athanasian creed is not objectionable because of its d-mnatory clauses.
more pages from a journal mark rutherford

the athanasian creed, however, might fairly be said to stand on a somewhat different footing.
the english church in the eighteenth century charles j. abbey and john h. overton

malone began to feel as if he were involved in the athanasian creed.
occasion for disaster gordon randall garrett

morality is so icy, and so intolerant; its doctrines have the ungentlemanlike rigour of the athanasian creed.
expositor’s bible: the epistles of st. john william alexander

it may be found in its completest expression in the athanasian creed.
a short history of the world h. g. wells

it is needless to say that tiny had been to church and heard the athanasian creed.
the story of my life, volumes 4-6 augustus j. c. hare

he was also the author of a history of the athanasian creed .
a short biographical dictionary of english literature john w. cousin

i give you this as an example of what i mean; how not believing rightly the athanasian creed may make a man lead a bad life.
town and country sermons charles kingsley

and, after all, the athanasian creed is light and comprehensible reading in comparison with much that now p-sses for science.
the note-books of samuel butler samuel butler

(christianity) a profession of faith widely used in the western church which, although formerly attributed to athanasius, probably originated in gaul between 381 and 428 ad

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