pertaining to or characteristic of or ; containing, suggesting, or disseminating :
atheistic literature; atheistic people.
contemporary examples

congress established prayer day in 1952, at a time when americans lived in fear of “atheistic communism” and nuclear armageddon.
the pentagon prayer fight james carroll april 23, 2010

they had ph.d. degrees from some german school, all based on some atheistic, humanistic philosophy.
left behind author tim lahaye on the rapture marlow stern may 18, 2011

when it comes to the history of violence, the significant distinction is not one between theistic and atheistic regimes.
the end of world violence? sam harris october 3, 2011

second, n-z-sm and fascism were not atheistic in the first place.
the end of world violence? sam harris october 3, 2011

historical examples

this could not apply to the atheistic world, for it denies the existence of g-d.
cowley’s talks on doctrine matthias f. cowley

tom closed his eyes, and shuddered at the dark, atheistic words.
uncle tom’s cabin harriet beecher stowe

it is curious to see the atheistic epicurean and the devout buddhist meeting on a common ground.
sacred books of the east various

they resolve themselves into two groups, a theistic and an atheistic.
facts and fancies in modern science john william dawson

here we have a close approximation, if not intentionally, yet logically, to the atheistic extreme.
the theistic conception of the world b. f. (benjamin franklin) c-cker

it was atheistic in religion, and revolutionary in politics.
flowers of freethought george w. foote


1630s, from atheist + -ic. atheistical attested from c.1600.

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