Augusta gregory

lady augusta (isabella augusta persse) 1852–1932, irish dramatist.
horace, 1898–1982, u.s. poet and critic.
james, 1638–75, scottish mathematician.
a male given name: from a greek word meaning “watchful.”.
lady (isabella) augusta (persse). 1852–1932, irish dramatist; a founder and director of the abbey theatre, dublin

masc. proper name, common in england and scotland by mid-12c. (pope gregory i sent the men who converted the english to christianity), from late latin gregorius, from greek gregorios, a derivative of gregoros “to be watchful,” from pie root -ger- “to be awake” (cf. sanskrit jagarti “he is awake,” avestan agarayeiti “wakes up, rouses”). at times confused with latin gregarius (see gregarious).

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