an azzholl is someone who, is an -sshole, however the person naming them this has trouble speaking/pr-nouncing english (note: see below), and so pr-nounces it ‘azz-holl’ – slurring the ‘ss’ sound into a ‘zz’ sound, and sometime missing the ‘h’ sound altogether. this can result in the pr-nunciation ‘azz-oll’. note: the word ‘azzholl’ is sometimes used to mock the person receiving the insult, by implying they have a deficiency which hinders their pr-nunciation.

similar mispr-nunciations occur in the word f-ck, which is pr-nounced as ‘fug’
situation a – bad pr-nunciation
normal guy: hey mate, your english is terrible!
idiot: fug off azzholl, i’ll fugg you up if you insult me again….
situation b – mocking
guy 1: hey dude, i was trying to get a complicated pizza-hut order done yesterday, for my party, but the attendant was a total douche…. that dropout…
guy 2: yeah, what an azzholl

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