a recreational water sport, mainly played in pools, consisting of a “banger”, a “chucker”, a floatation device, and a ball. the chucker, who is standing outside the pool, throws the ball at different heights and distances over the surface of the water. the banger then proceeds to run and jump gracefully through the air attempting to sn-tch the ball in mid-flight or use the floatation device to -ssist him or her in the catch. sometimes the banger busts his or her -ss on the floatation device or the surface of the water resulting in a failed catch. when a player fails to catch the ball, the audience, judge, or judges must then throw up a “w” with their hands representing a failed catch or “woata” as it is commonly referred to. the game may consist of many different teams but requires a neutral judge to score each catch by the banger. as the difficulty of each catch increases, so will the score by the judge. many different types of floatation devices can be used in this f-ckin sport. the positioning of the floatation device or devices can be arranged to the banger’s liking. before the attempted “bang” the banger can rearrange the positioning of the floatation devices into various positions which include, the pancake, x marks the spot, the runway, and the skier along with many others; basically you just make that sh-t up as you go along. bang-chuck is not a game for p-ss-es or children sometimes people tend to get their -sses kicked while attempting to make a spectacular catch. bang-chuck is an interracial sport; arabs, jews, hoes, b-tches, scalawags, d-ck-domes, angry pirates, thugs, and gangstas are all aloud to enjoy this wonderful sport. gays, however, are not aloud to play….. ever…. under any circ-mstance. you do not have to be circ-mcised to partic-p-te either. you must always give 110% when bang-chucking, anything less will result in a disqualification. parental supervision is strongly advised because you could very easily break a neck, tear an acl, or ferociously smack your ball sack against the water’s surface. common side effects of bang-chucking are blue b-lls, fatigue, sleepiness, drowsiness, and an occasional upset stomach. please use extreme caution when attempting to play bang-chuck, but at the same time don’t be a b-tch.
josh: “hey neez, you limpd-cked b-st-rd, lets go to sean’s house and play bang-chuck in his pool”

neez: “man i dunno dude, my b-lls are all redish purple from yesterday’s game, they’re kinda raw and chaffing too”

sean: “thats f-ckin gross dude”

todd: “yeah seriusly man go f-ck yourself”

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