billboard kid

teenagers who resemble that of a popular person, play sports, dress like they want the world to see them naked so they push the legal dress code to the edge, guys dress in football jerseys, they also listen to music that is on the billboard top 100 list. like lady gaga and beyonce and green day etc. they resemble muggles, if you read harry potter. they are normal and you are indie. they are normal and you are a wizard.
i saw a bunch of billboard kids in hollister the other day buying 40000 dollar short shorts and levi’s
n. the last person you would want to take a road trip with. they insist upon reading every word their eyes happen to see. usually followed by a cr-ppy joke that noone wants to hear.
jeff: mcdonalds, hot and juicy all day.
ooh thats what she said! hehe

me: f-ck up jeff, youre such a billboard kid.

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