1.) noun. slang that originated in the 80’s as a nicer way of calling a woman/man a sl-t.
horatio dopamine, the drag queen we met at the cure concert, took well to portraying the image of a bimbette.
a bimbette is a younger version of a bimbo…usually a young teenager in middle school or a freshman in high school.
geezz look at that bimbette dancing over there! what get’s me is… there is no music playing! ohmigosh! i’m so stupid…i thought at least one out of the five guys laps i sat on would like me! i feel like, like, such a bimbette! ohmigosh! where is my lipgloss? oh! i better text someone before they forget about me!
bimbo i training
my lil sis is a bimbette
a male who lives off of women.
“he is too much of a bimbette to live in a bachelor pad with other fun loving adults. he would rather have his girlfriend foot his bills.”

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