slang term for cocaine. also the name of the jake&jackie show fan forum.
dope fiend #1:”dude i got some poppers and amyl nitrate and some nose candy. wanna get f-ck-d up?”
dope fiend #2:”what the f-ck is ‘nose candy’? if you mean blowcaine then lets go just leave those poppers and amyl nitrate outta the mix.”

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  • blow doll

    an attractive female who is addicted to cocaine. i was out and about and met this total hottie. i whipped out a teener and found out she was a total blow doll because she was all about ripping lines off my c-ck!

  • blowing superchunks

    vomiting up something that looks like dog food. kind of like being sick normally, but when examined it’s full of meaty chunks. and probably marrowbone jelly. named after the eponymous dogfood brand. jeez, dude, i don’t know what i ate last night but i was blowing superchunks until the early hours!

  • blowmold

    a fungus that grows on, and around the p-n-s. usually caused by excess saliva and mucus left after receiving a bl-wj-b. i forgot to wash my d-ck after that juicy bl-wj-b and now i have a bad case of blowmold.

  • blown out

    the state of a females v-g-n- after having been invaded more times than poland. that wh-r-‘s gash is blown out like a firestone recall. a girl who’s v-g-n-l opening has been stretched and mangled beyond functionality. various nerves have been destroyed due to rapid and frequent contact with bulbous peni. peter north’s girlfriend has a […]

  • blue ball bl*w j*b

    this is when a man who only has one ball gets head and doesnt get to c-m. he then gets blue ball, because he only has one ball. my guy he has one nut, she was blowen his dong and he didnt get to bust… now my guy with one nut has blue ball. he […]

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