blown out

the state of a females v-g-n- after having been invaded more times than poland.
that wh-r-‘s gash is blown out like a firestone recall.
a girl who’s v-g-n-l opening has been stretched and mangled beyond functionality. various nerves have been destroyed due to rapid and frequent contact with bulbous peni.
peter north’s girlfriend has a blown out cooter.
a person having so much -n-l s-x that their -ss hole is a perfect circle
i banged her so hard last night her -ss is blown out
1. a girl who is loose
that chicks got a blown out p-ssy.
extremely high or stoned.
“sh-t son, i just smoked two blunts, i’m so blown out!”
implying that an item (or person) is ruined, bad or nasty. it can include but is not limited to having a loose v-g-n-l cavity, bad overall personal hygiene, or even habits that would deem someone as lower social status.
kim is blown out because she drinks too much and mistreats her kid, and slept with casey right after she met him.
when an object, idea, person, event or anything that exists has become spoiled, unusable, or has no suitable value or worth because of extended use, or is subpar for any reason.
“this coffee is cold, it’s blownout”, “pc’s are so blownout, mac’s are sweet”, “that girl has slept with way too many guys, she’s all blownout”, “excuse me, waitress? can i get some more blueberry pancakes? these are all blownout….oh, and some waffle fries too. thanks hon”

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