Bruce Campbell

the man, the mystery, the chin. the greatest hero of all time.
bruce campbell single handedly destroyed the deadites on several occasions and there by saved mankind.
a.k.a: ash. bruce campbell is a peculliar brand of hero. not as brutal as andy farrell, yet serves a purpose. used as the ultimate figure for tackeling horrific missions.
that is some awfull and twisted s–t. bruce campbell would’nt take that on without a chain saw and a shotgun, and since we’ve got neither; better leave it be.
the best b-movie actor ever. he’s my favorite actor. he also has a big chin which is rad. he’s best known for his one-liners in his movies.
bruce campbell is my favorite actor.
an b-movie actor famous for his roles in the evil dead movies (1, 2, and army of darkness). however, he has had many small roles in other movies such as the spiderman films. he is a very close friend of the director of the evil dead and spiderman films sam raimi.
bruce campbell’s chin looked great when he was cutting up zombies with a chainsaw.
the best thing i ever saw
bruce campbell is pwning your right now.
this is a s-x move named after the t-tular b-movie action hero. it starts off with you revving your hand like a chainsaw, slamming it up the v-g-n- or -ss (your choice) of your partner, yelling “this is my… boomstick!” then mimicking a shotgun blast by opening your hand inside the other person. at the end, pull out your hand, extend your chin, look down at the other person and say (in your most bad–ss of voices) “groovy.”
my girlfriend let me do the bruce campbell on her and i didn’t even have to use the necronomicon.
the supreme and divine ruler of earth. also star of the films evil dead, evil dead 2, army of darkness, and bubba ho-tep.
everyone on their knees and worship bruce campbell.

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