biology scholars program
pretty much the best science prep program at uc berkeley
olga: i got into bsp!!!!!!
yaz: no way?!? me too!!!!
angie: me too!!!!! lets go celebrate!
a big sausage pizza. a very large male extension protruding from a cooked, but cooled, boxed pizza. intended for the consumption of and enjoyment of delivery man and fortunate, selected female.
dude starange totally loved my bsp.
black stretchy pants that girls wear to make their -ss look huge.
dibs girl in the bsps.
black star power, such as kanye west, jamie foxx, and 50 cent.
there’s a lotta bsp in the room right now.
binary sp-ce paritioning.
it is a form of sp-ce part-tioning that essentially divides the world in half every recursion, used extensively in old videogames, most id games after doom used bsp, whether or not doom iii did, i do not know. not very popular in the amatuer game programming world, instead oct-tree’s are generally used.
id loves teh bsp with all their hearts.

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