when your parents make u sandwich with only the b-tts of the loaf. this is either called a b-ttwich or a b-tt-sandwich.
omg my mom packed me a b-ttwich. haha ur mom packed u a b-tt sandwich
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sandwich made of b-tt and sh-t.

a derivation of -ss sandwich.
“man, that guy is such a b-tt-wich.”
when someone is spotted itching their -ss in public and they are unaware of others looking at them.

seeing someone itch their -ss in public
i just saw some girl itching her -ss, what a b-ttwich.

yo, i saw a b-ttwich, on my way to work. she was really digging in there.
when you get the usual contents of a sandwich, ie. cheese and ham and shove it in your b-tt cheeks for your best pal or whoever to eat
hey man, put the bread down and shove that egg mayo in my -rs- crack, we’re making a b-ttwich up in here!

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