beating off in the shower
girl: why are you taking so long in the shower?
boy: i’m caulking!
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depositing your s-m-n in the b-ttcrack of your s-xual partner.
wow, i watched this p-rn star give a girl a good caulking after s-x.
the act of having one’s -sshole filled to the rim with seaman.
did you see the p-rn where p-rnstar polly asked for and received a caulking?
to sh-t on the toilet, between the seat and the base, so the seat is stuck to the base… with p–p.
caulking – some douchebag caulked my toilet, i sat on it, and poo squished out like a reverse oreo. double stuffed.
after the girl’s coochie becomes good and wet during s-x, the juice thickens up and looks white as it acc-mulates on the c-ck and p-ssy and will stay there if you don’t clean if off.
“there is so much caulking on that guy’s d-ck that it looks like he has been f-cking glazed doughnuts in the early morning at dunkin doughnuts before they are baked and put on display.”

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